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Answers to Your Common Questions: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I meet with Dr. Blaisdell-Brennan?

Dr. Blaisdell-Brennan meets with patients through HIPPA-approved telehealth or in person on Saturdays.

What insurance does Dr. Blaisdell-Brennan accept?
Dr. Blaisdell-Brennan accepts HMSA, Blue Cross/ Blue Shield, UHA, and Cash. This office does not process paperwork for Tri-Care, Medicare/Medicaid, or QUEST.
Does Dr. Blaisdell-Brennan see adults only?
Dr. Blaisdell-Brennan is board-certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology to see patients ages 18 – 65. Patients above or below this range are kindly asked to contact geriatric and child/adolescent psychiatrists.
Does Dr. Blaisdell-Brennan treat personality disorders?
Dr. Blaisdell-Brennan has elected not to see patients with unstable personality disorders, a series of documented threats to the doctor and her family.
Does Dr. Blaisdell-Brennan treat substance abusers and individuals convicted of Domestic Violence?
Dr. Blaisdell-Brennan has elected to refer substance abusers and violent offenders to other mental health providers.
Does Dr. Blaisdell-Brennan have a no-show fee?
Yes. There is a no-show fee to help patients understand that late cancellations and no-shows take time from others on waiting lists. Often, the no-show fee is waived, at the prescriber’s discretion.
Does Dr. Blaisdell-Brennan do her own billing?

Billing is done through doxy.me. which prevents any user from accessing any other user’s credit card information. Mistakes are promptly acknowledged and corrected.

Does Dr. Blaisdell-Brennan allow patients to run up bills?

For years, Dr. Blaisdell-Brennan allowed delinquent patients to run up bills. However, patients became abusive when doxy.me reached out to collect. Copayments are due at the time of service.

Does Dr. Blaisdell-Brennan explain HIPPA?
Yes. During the initial intake evaluation, HIPPA is explained, and the patient signs consent for treatment and promises to pay all copayments promptly.
Psychiatrists do not disclose patient information.
The exceptions are: 1) a consent form requesting information has been signed; 2) there is concern for the safety of the patient or others.
Does Dr. Blaisdell-Brennan tape-record patients?

No. The doxy.me platform does not allow either party to tape a session. During the intake evaluation, both parties agree to neither record a session nor let another person listen in to the doctor-patient visit.

Does Dr. Blaisdell-Brennan provide animal letters?

Initially, Dr. Blaisdell-Brennan wrote service animal letters. However, after some abused this privilege, a decision was made to refer service animal letter requests to a centralized site.

Do patients abuse psychiatrists?
Yes. Evidence shows that one of the highest rates of burnout is among mental health providers abused by patients; each abusive patient makes it less likely that a doctor or mental health worker will see more patients in the future.
Does Dr. Blaisdell-Brennan prescribe controlled substances?
There is a well-documented shortage of controlled substances. In addition, HMSA now requires patients requesting controlled substances to be seen in person. Dr. Blaisdell-Brennan writes a limited number of controlled substance prescriptions for individuals willing to follow established rules.